At work.

You’re sending e-mails, browsing the web and editing files at the same time. That’s a huge number of windows for a single screen ..

At school.

Ready to impress in the class? From now, using a single screen to synthesize your courses, and chatting on Facebook is over.

On the road.

Keep working on your way. Why would you suffer from leaving your second monitor at home, if you can get three wherever you go ?

At home.

From now, choosing your next destination together, configuring your new kitchen or setting up your new car will be easier than ever.

In a game.

3 screens instead of one. As simple as it sounds. Playing on such a wide mode with your team has never been experienced before.

In meeting.

Forget your bulky projector. Slide your screens out, and the triangle shape will help you setting up your next meeting anywhere.

In face to face.

Share what you see with those sitting in front of you. We’ve all been upset by getting someone looking at your display, right behind your shoulder.


Getting 3 screens instead of one, anywhere you go is now possible. That’s the perfect time for watching a movie and remembering your last holidays.

In your room.

All of us can do several things at the same time, we simply need the tool that makes it possible.

At the airport.

Why would you get stuck in an airport without your office setup ? Bring your 3 screens with you, anywhere and increase your productivity by 48%.

In your workshop.

When treating your customers orders and managing your agenda becomes a real pleasure. Multitasking has definitely never been that easy.

At the office.

Staying several hours at the same time is over. Move, work, move, and work again. At Slidenjoy, we reinvent your laptobility.

At lunch time.

Why would you have to choose between staying at the office on your lunchtime or being late in your work ? Do both, outside, at the same time.

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