Because they are the very essence of your business and without them, your company would be nothing like it is today. Offer them, for once, the possibility of being limitless.

Because we live in an increasingly connected world where mobility is becoming a norm, today's tools are only beginning to adapt to the demands of society. You have the opportunity to stand out.

With a real support, deploying LeSlide in the workplace is easier than ever for any business to offer employees the choice of tripling their standards. The experience we are offering is simple, concrete, flexible, and easy — what more could you like?

Studies have shown that the use of a second screen increases the profitability of each employee by 20 to 50%.

We imagined them smaller, thinner, more aesthetic and lighter. But today marks a brand new chapter, let’s ask them to expand. Become efficient, no matter where.

"Personal line" by Slidenjoy is our unique personalization service, for a Slide that truly reflects your company. Taking your business on a journey of motivation in a brand new world - made of design and craft, influencing the character of objects, materials, colors, and textures - translating them all into your new best tool. Your imagination is the only limit.


Make your consultants stand out from the crowd, wherever they are.

For the first time in the world, brand the most widely used tool ever,
in your company’s colours.


Society is changing considerably and trends are pushing us to become nomads... to read our emails from a coffee shop, to visit a customer in the morning, to make lunch and meeting become one in our agendas, to assume a meeting in the early afternoon and to finish the day at the office.

So we created Le Slide.

At Slidenjoy our aim is childish: to create the magic - the stunning - the sublime, that kind of thing that seems surreal. We do this not only by putting a truly extraordinary device on your desk but also by making sure your Slide is more than just a whim. The kind of purchase that meets your every expectation.

Through our "personal line" services, it’s your ticket to an exquisite universe. And to guarantee every Slide meets our uncompromising norms and your highest hopes, each features a unique mix of personal services, performances, and high finishing level.

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